Wanda has been hooping for over five years and has since discovered a passion for many parts of flow arts such as multiple hoops, fans, rope dart, and lots of fire. Apart from being a flow artist, she owns her own art business, With The Trees, where she specializes in pyrography and wire wrapped jewelry. Her goal in life is just to share all aspects of her art with the world and hopefully inspire others to explore their inner greatest potential and creativity.


Emily Matson is a Computer Science Major by day and a Nerdy Rave Mom by night. She has been hula hooping for 4 years and has discovered that it is more than just a hobby. Hula hooping for Emily is a passion, creative outlet, and emotional release. When she isn't hula-hooping or studying she enjoys creating rave dresses, painting weird things, reading books, playing video games, and cuddling with her dog. Her dream in life would be to one day program a hula hoop that the audience could interact with. Just imagine the trails!!

Instagram easy_mac55
Youtube killer_queen55
Youtube link. https://youtu.be/tLK6rnnB76g
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Hey there! My name is Frankie McGinley and I have been a lover of all forms of art for more years than I can remember. I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois, and recently moved up to the UP to finish out my schooling for a bachelors degree in fine arts concentrating in ceramics! I have been dabbling with hoops since I was 16 years old and have not put them down since! My love for flow arts only expanded from there, furthering my exploration into silk fans, fire fans, palm torches and dragon staff. I have performed at a handful of events throughout my flow arts journey, and was welcomed to the Euphoric Hoops team where I have had the pleasure of working with an incredibly talented and wonderful group of human beings. Hooping has become a form of meditation for myself, almost second nature, and I turn to it the most when I am feeling I need an emotional release through movement. When I'm not creating ceramics, painting or drawing, I am typically picking up my flow props! I hope to only spread love and light throughout my platforms of art and to bring rawness and truth to the human form and spirit.


Where to follow my work: Instagram Handles: Personal/Flowarts: @fronkaay Fine Arts: @francesca.rose.art Facebook Pages: Fine Arts: Francesca Rose Art


Kayli Kokas (aka Kay Ko) is a Flow Artist from Chicago, IL. She started hooping five years ago after she was inspired by the fire performers at the local Full Moon Jam. Hooping opened so many doors for her as a performer and she is so grateful to have found the flow arts community. Kayli teaches hooping, yoga, and fire arts in the Chicagoland area. You can find her performing at events and parties all around the Midwest! She is part of a theatrical fire manipulation group called The Deadly Sins. You can follow them on Instagram @thedeadlysinsfire.


Meet Lizzie Steger! She has been hooping for 6 years. She lives in Ocklawaha, Florida and is 23 years young. Lizzie LOVES to share the joy of Hula Hoops! She teaches, performs and attends regular Flow Jams in her community. She can hoop anywhere from her nose to her toes with up to 4 hoops! She is a multi-talented flow artist that also dabbles in poi, fans, fire eating, lyra, juggling & MORE. Follow her on instagram to watch her flow @LustrousLiz2.0




Hi! My names Jasmine but I go by Jaz. I have been sponsored by Abbi for almost 5 years now. She provided me with my first hoop when I started my flow art journey in 2014. I love my hula hoops but I also palm torch, fire fan, dragon staff and spin poi. I was born and raised in Illinois but moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2020. I have performed at many events. When I am not flowing, I am taking care of my plants, painting or binge watching Netflix or HBO! I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now and huge into sustainable living and eating clean! You can follow me on instagram: @jasmine.collette


Hey y’all! I’m Michele, but other hoopers know me as Flowmish. I bought my first day hoop EVER from Euphoric Hoops in August 2018. Not even a year later, I found myself meeting the master behind the works at Electric Forest 2019 and accepting a sponsorship offer from her a few days after. Apart from my LED’s, I have been spinning strictly Euphoric Hoops ever since. Hooping has become so therapeutic for me. There is no better feeling than challenging yourself with the goal of a new skill and conquering it. Being a law student, life can get pretty stressful... but I can always count on my hoops to ease any feeling. Movement is medicine. If you’ve ever considered getting into hooping, take this as a sign and do it!


Hi! I’m Julie, and I’ve been hooping for 7 years! I picked up hooping after my best friend showed me it, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! I like hooping with all different size hoops! I’m mostly an off body hooper, but I’m also working on my on body hooping! My next hoop goal is the three hoop split! Thanks for stopping by!

find me on instgram @juliezats


“Hi, I’m Izzie! I’ve been hooping for over 4 years and it’s my favorite form of meditation. I really don’t know what I would do without my circles or the opportunities they have given me in life. When I’m not hooping, I’m either working or chasing my 1 year old around the house! Find me on instagram @izmisischia”


Rhiannon Rose, known as The Flow Arts Fairy is a performance artist based out of the Chicago area who specializes in Fire and LED performances with a variety of flow props. She began with poi in 2014 and has since branched out to spinning hoop, double hoops, fans, triads, dragon staff, and rope dart. She is passionate and dedicated to her craft and aspires to learn and master every flow prop along with branching out to learning a variety of other circus and aerial arts. She has performed at a variety of events such as corporate galas, birthday parties, fundraisers, festivals, concerts, and more and is available for booking. Along with performing, she dedicates her time to sharing the art of flow with others and helping them begin their flow journey by teaching workshops and classes for all ages and all levels. Her Instagram is @the.flow.arts.fairy & her Facebook Performance page is The Flow Arts Fairy.


My name is Krista Stearley also known as Katalyst! I am 26 years old and reside in Indianapolis Indiana. I began hooping in 2014, fell in love and the rest is history! Since then I've been a featured performer at Electric Forest 2018, Morflo Music Festival 2018, Sonic Bloom 2019 and Mountain Music Festival 2019 and many small events in between. Hooping has also led to me other flows such as gogo dancing and aerial arts. Discovering hoop dance completely changed my life and I am so grateful for all the experiences and friends I've made along the way! Including Abbi and her amazing shop Euphoric Hoops. It feels great to be apart of a team that shares my interests and that I genuinely feel fulfilled being apart of! Excited to see where my journey takes me next ♡

You can find my me on Instagram at @__katalyst__


Hi my name is Steven and I’ve been hooping for around 2 years now. Hooping has been my little safe haven for the past couple years, I love it because it’s so freeing and therapeutic! Hooping isn’t the only thing I enjoy tho I also know a little about poi and just started to pic up the staff too and also double hoops! My goal is to become a master at it all, I’ve even recently started to get into fire spinning! I do enjoy all types of arts like painting, drawing and crafts. My life goal is just to travel the world and see and experience everything under the sun, with my hoop of course! My favorite place to hoop is at the stages during a festival, and hopefully soon enough I would love to be performing at them.


McKenzie is the newest addition to the Euphoric Hoops team, bringing with her an abundance of positive energy and talent. She has been wowing and entertaining crowds for over 3 years now~ from intimate private gigs to festival crowds as large as Backwoods and Wakaan! She specializes in daytime, LED and fire props of hoops, fans, and palm torches- but she doesn’t plan to stop there! Her flow is fluid, full of emotion and seemingly effortless.