Ready To Ship! 28" 3/4 Blue FairyDust Sectional Hoop

Ready To Ship! 28" 3/4 Blue FairyDust Sectional Hoop

Disclaimer:  These hoops are made with clear gloss-polypro.  This tubing is more prone to cracking in cold temperatures, and while doing hard impact moves such as breaks and paddles, and wedgies.  Please use caution when using this hoop to ensure it does not break.  We are not liable for any damages if the hoop breaks and the glitter spills out.  


✩ Introducing our fairy dust sectional hoops!  These hoops are made with our colored stardust tubing, and clear glossy polypro that is filled with glitter!  Both of the glitter sections are completely sealed so there is no need to worry about any leaks!   


✩ Every Hoop Includes


➳ Free grip tape/sanding
➳ Smooth gap-fee connections
➳ Polycarb connector
➳ Push button collapsable (great for travel)
➳ Double, triple, quad, & mini hoop sets available by request (message us for custom listing)
➳ Insured boxed shipping

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