Custom Taped Mini-Hoops

Custom Taped Mini-Hoops

♥ This custom made mini-hoop set comes with your choice of tape, as well as whatever size and diameter you would like!  Any mini-hoop 20 inches or less will be double-riveted unless specifically asked not to be. 


To see our full list of tapes, please visit our taped hoop section here:


Please contact us if you are looking for a set of reflective mini-hoops, so that we can make a custom listing.



Please write which tape you would like in the box, if no tape is specified or if not enough information is given, we will contact you and after a few days, we will choose the tape if we do not hear back from you.  There are no returns or exchanges because of information the customer left out.  

✩ All performance taped hoops include free grip tape on the inner rim of the hoop.  Please see photo above to see all color options.

✩ Every Hoop Includes

➳ Free grip tape
➳ Smooth gap-fee connections
➳ Polycarb connector
➳ Double-Riveted for sizes 20 inches or less
➳ Wrapped with one single piece of tape around the hoop, guaranteed not to peel!
➳ Double, triple, quad, & mini hoop sets available by request (message us for custom listing)
➳ Insured boxed shipping

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