6-Piece Taped Holographic Rainbow Sectional Travel Hoop

6-Piece Taped Holographic Rainbow Sectional Travel Hoop

ITS FINALLY HERE! Now featuring our 6 Piece Holographic Rainbow Sectional Hoop!  Has all the colors of the rainbow!  This hoop is great for traveling as it breaks down into 6 pieces, and can easily fit into a backpack or a suitcase.  This hoop is made with our holographic tape, so every color can pop and shine, creating a beautiful rainbow!

This hoop comes with your choice of grip tape on the inside, so please select the color you would like in the drop box. You also have the choice to have MATCHING rainbow grip tape, so select that option if you would like!!! 

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    Hooping Diameter inches (OD)
    Tubing Size
    Grip Tape For Sectionals

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