5/8 Pink Stardust Glitter Infused Bare Polypro Hoop

5/8 Pink Stardust Glitter Infused Bare Polypro Hoop

♥ This Stardust tubing is a semi-translucent Pink, with holographic glitter that shimmers every color of the rainbow in the sunlight!

✨Our Stardust tubing is made with a special blend of polypro, making it feel a bit different than normal polypro tubing. It is very bouncy and quick reacting. This unique blend of polypro also has a natural rubber-like feel to it, giving it a bit of grip! Made with holographic glitter, this tubing sparkles beautifully in the sunlight!

✩ Every Hoop Includes

➳ Free grip tape or sanding
➳ Smooth gap-fee connections
➳ Polycarb connector
➳ Push button collapsable (great for travel)
➳ Double, triple, quad, & mini hoop sets available by request (message us for custom listing)
➳ Insured boxed shipping

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