Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I'm a beginner, what hoop should I get? 

Well, there are few things to consider when purchasing your first hoop.  Your body type, height, and style of hooping will help you figure out what type of hoop you should get.   


Larger, heavier hoops move slower around our body, making it easier to learn tricks and feel where the hoop is.  Smaller hoops move faster around your body, requiring more skill to keep up.  Most hoopers start with larger hoops and work their way down to smaller, lighter hoops.  It is common for hoopers to have a variety of sizes and types, as they allow you to practice different styles of hooping.  

If you attempted to hoop in the past, and found it difficult, we would recommend our weighted P.E (polyethylene) tubing.  P.E tubing is also a great choice if you are looking for a heavy workout hoop for cardio.  Check out our P,E hoops here:

(Not all of our beginner hoops listed are made with P.E, so please double check that you are purchasing the correct item.  P.E will be clearly specified in the listing title and the item description.)

If you hooped before in the past and you were able to keep the hoop going, we would recommend using 3/4 HDPE.  

A general rule of thumb is to measure from the ground to your belly-button.  It should give you a general idea of the hoop diameter you should get.  If you have a short and petite body type, we would recommend a hoop 34-36 inches in diameter.  For those that are average to plus-sized body type, anywhere from 36-42 would be our recommendation.  Remember, there is no wrong hoop size.  Its different than picking out a shirt size, where there is only one size that fits.  Its about finding a beginning point, and adjusting your hoops as you progress through your hoop journey.  

2.  How do you measure hoops?

All of our hoops are measured in outer diameter. 

3. What type of connectors do you use?


We use polycarbonate connectors in all of our polypro and HDPE hoops, unless otherwise requested.  On rare occasion, we might use a polypro connector if we feel it is a better fit for the hoop.  If you prefer a polypro connectors, please leave a comment when checking out.

4.  Whats the difference between polypro and HDPE?  How about 3/4ths compared to 5/8ths?


Polypro is a light-weight tubing.  It is stiffer than HDPE, making it more bouncy.  However, it is much more prone to cracking than other tubing.  HDPE is heavier and more durable than polypro, making it a common choice for beginner hoopers.  5/8ths tubing is smaller than 3/4ths, which makes it lighter and moves quicker, but it is less sturdy. 


We recommend using 3/4ths tubing for beginners, as opposed to 5/8ths, and usually suggest new hoopers to use HDPE as a starter.  There is nothing wrong starting off with a polypro hoop, but if that is the case, we would highly recommend getting it in 3/4ths, and using lots of caution, as it is more prone to breaking under hard impact.  

11/16ths is also an option at our store.  It is similar in size to 5/8ths, but heavier like a 3/4ths, because it has a thicker tubing wall.  Usually hoopers that are more intermediate in skill level experiment with 11/16ths, as it is like a blend of the other two sizes.

5.  It is necessary to get grip tape or to get my hoop sanded?


It is more personal preference than anything else.  Sanding a bare hoop is a good way to add a little extra grip, without adding more weight to the hoop.  You also don't have to worry about the grip tape peeling either.  Adding grip tape to any hoop is a fun way to add a pop of color, along with some added grip.  We typically used half inch gaffer tape, but we also have quarter inch available by request.  Grip tape is sometimes known to peel, especially in humid environments. 

6.  How do you ship hoops?


Your hoop will come coiled down to about half of its size, in a 20x20 box.  There will be a care guide on how to uncoil and handle the hoop safely.  


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